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Running Windows in Ubuntu April 4, 2007

Posted by amazingrando in Windows-Linux Transition.

As try to make Ubuntu my main OS, I have found a few cases where I haven’t yet found a suitable Linux alternative to a Windows app. In this case, it’s EndNote, which I use for my research. Part of the reason I use it is because it integrates well with library and article databases. But, to use the cite-as-you-write functionality, it needs to integrate with Microsoft Word.

Option 1: Wine
Wine lets you run certain Windows apps directly in Ubuntu by using alternative versions of Windows dll’s. There’s also a commercial version called CrossOver. Both are notoriously finicky. I did manage to get Word and Endnote running, but they can’t integrate.

Option 2: KVM
New in Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 is Kernel Virtualization, called KVM. Given that Feisty is still in beta, it’s no wonder that it seems a bit flaky. There’s serious potential with this solution. It’s open source and uses the hardware virtualization technology built into most dual and quad core processors. But a quick attempt at getting it running didn’t work – the installer dies when it tries to boot windows. Hopefully soon this will work. Any ideas – let me know.

Option 3: VMware Server
VMware is proprietary and can be a resource hog, but it is a very solid product. It has never let me down. And, it’s free! Until KVM is more mature (or I know what the heck I’m doing with it), I’ll be sticking with VMware.



1. amazingrando - April 5, 2007

There are other options out there like Cedega, but I haven’t tried those yet!

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