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Changing Permissions of a Partition — it’s easy! April 5, 2007

Posted by amazingrando in Windows-Linux Transition.

(pic thanks to articnomad)
(pic thanks to articnomad)

I ran into the issue of a partition that was read-only, and it was the classic issue of permissions. In this case, I wanted to change the permissions to make it consistent with the rest of my partitions. There are a lot of complex ways of doing this, but this is just for everyday Ubuntu use. Thanks to taurus for the tip.

First, check to see what the ownership is by going to /media and doing a ls -la

Second, do the following, replacing “yourPartition” with the name of the partition (e.g. /sdb1).

sudo chown -R username:username /yourPartition
sudo chmod -R 755 /yourPartition

Finally, check to see if it worked by doing another ls -la



1. Divyakumar - May 3, 2008

i did the same but eve then its not working..
for my case its the external hard drive that has 4 partition and access to if is being denied…

Please help

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